STRAIGHTENER/FEEDERS SSF-300-200-150-1600 up to 16 mm thickness

STRAIGHTENER/FEEDERS SSF-300-200-150-1600 up to 16 mm thickness

​STRAIGHTENER/FEEDERS SSF-300-200-1600 up to 16 mm thickness

Straightener/Feeder able to work with material from 3 to 16 mm thickness normal steel, 12 if Stainless Steel
Frame in steel tube electrowelded, roll support by steel plates 50 mm thickness
Rolls configuration by 9+10 rolls diam 300-200-150 mm  hardened at 62 HRC and grided as mirror
Inlet guide roll made by 4 vertical rolls autocentering by screw and hand wheel, position visualized by digital device
Pinch-Roll in by 2 big rolls diam 300 mm presses by 2 hydraulic cylinders
nr. 4 Pre-Straightener Roll diam 200 mm with independent 2 screw-Jackets for the adjustment
Nr.  6 straightening rolls diameter 150 mm adjustable by 6 screw-jackets via hand wheel (optional motorised and programmable)
The  rolls are connected  via cardan shaft at separate gear Cage and Screw Gearbox ratio 1:40 and Brushless A.C. Servo Motor
Vertical Opening head 150 mm for easy band introduction and rolls inspection and cleaning

The upper part move up by Hydraulic cylinder t the bottom with servovalve and sliding on 4 big coulmns
Can also be open every stroke for Pilot Release at max 30 spm

The SSF-300.200-150 is equipped by a CN with possibility to program 99 programs with 9 variable feed repetable N. times
Measure wheel with encoder reading direct on the band in order to consider even sleeppinng situation
Manual Hand box for thr manual operation
Electric Interface with the Press in order to share the emercency stop signals


Upper inlet table with motorised deformation roll, or free roll
Motorised heigh Adjustment + 200 mm
Motorised and programmable upper roll setting with dynamic increment
in order to have a continuos pression increment during the coil consumption
Opening head every stroke for total pilot release (up to 30 spm)


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