Strip Straightener STR 12-120-200 able to work with material from 0,1 to 1,2 mm thickness

Frame in steel tube electrowelded, roll house by steel plates 20 mm thickness
Rolls configuration by 22 rolls diam 12 mm  hardened at 62 HRC and grided as mirror
Inlet guide roll made by 4 vertical rolls autocentering by screw and hand wheel, position visualized by digital device
Nr. 11 bottom rolls at fixed position,
Nr.11 upper rolls adjustable by via hand wheel
Outlet braket with 4 support rolls to support the band at the exit
The straightener rolls are alla connected via cardan shaft at the gear-house in oilbath

All the Straightening rolls are supported by 3 lines of support
Loop control by proximity switch + microswitch fo band tide signal
Adjustable speed from 0 to 30 meters minute (optional faster with bigger motor and lower ratio if necessary)

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