This Roll Servo Feeder can feed material up to 12 mm thickness at Press Running up to 90 SPM

Configuration 2 pulling rolls diameter 240 mm. Hardened HRC 62 and grinded as mirror
Brusshless Servomotor with screw gearbox 1:20 directly connetced at the lower roll by  ring spann
Upper roll synchro by 4 gear wit low gap, the upper roll it is pressed by 2 pneumatic cylinders for band insertion

  • Possibility to have pneumatic pilot release up to 90 rpm with pilot angle 60° 
  • Digital Servo Drive with possible overload 2 time the nominal of the motor for 0,2 minute 
  • Inlet roll braket at 4 rolls, Nr. 4 side guide rolls  autocentring by screw and hand wheel with 20 mm possible offset 
  • Measure wheel with encoder 5000 pulses x 4 times directly pressed on the band with adjustable pressure
  • Standard adjustable support angle by manual crick 160 mm (oprional motorised with 200 mm range)
  • The feeder can be made at standard band wide 620-820-1020-1320-1620 mm. Max Thickness. mm. 12
  • Max speed 90 metres/minute, Max acceleration 40 metres/sec^2
  • Feed accuracy + - mm. 0.04 (using measure wheel)
  • Programmable Feed Length from  0.1 mm. to 9 metres
  • Electric Cabinet in pulpit wide 800 mm (optional Column 600x2000 with remoted control) 
  • NC  integrate in the Digital Servo Drive with 99 programs with 9 possible different length programmable no times 
  • Display Touch Screen 6” Standard system Emerson Control Techniques (optional exra price by Siemens)
  • Press command by dedicate relay, possibilito to work as Master or by Slave on mixed
  • Absolute encoder to be mounted on the Press Shaft for Syncro Press/Feeder (electronic cams)
  • Mobile manual commands with 3 meters cable with jog forward/backward Manual/Auto Single feed, Emergency
  • 200 mm Pass line adjustment by screw gearbox and electric moto


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