Small Electric Servo Presses in Standard Size 10-25-50 tons 

Hig Flexibility Hig Performance Saving Cost and Energy here the latest Technologie about Eccentric and Screw Presses
With Servo Presses you can forget about normal eccentric presses and hydraulic presses this was the past, now it is the time to have Servomotors and Torque Servomotor also for the Presses, it is quite Strange today everything it is Servo Drive, Robot, Servo Feeders, Transfer and even the Car, and people are still afraid to buy Servo Presses that they only have 1 Servomotor.

With Servo Press you can decide the stroke to use, you can use pendulum mode vibrating mode, you can use it as Link Lever Press as Blanking as Punching or deep drawing and you can decide how much time stay at the bottom, something that you can forget with a normal standard eccentric press. 
The Servo Presses are the Future Our Customer already use Servo Presses from 3 tons to 3.000 tons.

We can supply Eccentric Presses by 1 or 2 point, the C frame or H Frame our standard in this Small Servo Presses it is with Eccentric Presses stroke 50 mm or Screw Presses with Standard Stroke 200 mm, but of course we can produce Custom.

The Servo Presses as all other Presses can be supplied with Servo Roll Feeder, with Transfer or with Robot.

We already producfe FMS WITH 11 Servo presses Synchro togeter, it ia a pleasure to see them working for you.


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