Hydraulic Heawy Sheat HHS models are avaiable in width from 600 to 1.600 mm thue are able to cut steel material up to 12 mm thicknes. The lower blade it is fixed atthe bottom and flat (adjustable gap) The top blade it is inclinate a s GUILLOTINE normally from 3° to 6° depens on the wide, The upper slide it is pressed by 2 Special Hydraulic Cylinders commanded by an adeguate Hydraulic ststion with gas accumulator in order to have a fast mouvment .

The HSC Shear are equipped by an endependent Press Plate  mouved by 3 separate small cylinders in order to have a strong action without to take away the power at the main slide, and to have the possibility to command down at the firts the Press plate than the upper knive.

This Shear can be used as incoming Shear or as a CUT TO LENGTH SHEAR of course the Valve and the Hydraulic powe unit has to be adapted at the apposite use. 


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