Our Shear HSC series has beed designed to be used as Scrap-Chopper after the Press but he can be used also as

Incoming Shear to cut off the beginning and the end of the bad coils, or as Coil Shear in a Cut to Length Coil Line.

He can be fixed or mounted in a movable slide sith screw and servomotor to obtain a Fly Shear

Of course for any applications it has to be commanded by the appropriate Hydraulic Power Unit

in order to have the requested speed and Cycle time.

A Small shear used as Scrap-Chopper can cut in 0,2 seconds following a press running up to 120 spm

at every stroke or after the programmed number of strokes of the press, in this case need big pump gas accumulator and air radiator to keep oil in the rigth temperature range.

For any application do not be afraid to contact us, we have the files to follow every Shear Request.



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