​COMPACT COIL LINE CDSF6-1600 up to 6 mm thickness

Our Compact Coil Lines guarantee the best compromise for those who do not have SPACE enough to install a Traditional Coil Line in 3 pieces, In the Compact Lines the straightener is equipped by servomotor and NC CONTROL UNIT  to add the Feeder function.

Since this is a compromise you can not expect the performance of a traditional line where the simple power supply to the two rollers has a much more favorable dynamics for both the acceleration and the deceleration that for the position accuracy 
in particular the Compact lines are little suited to delicate material especially when it has to do with glossy surfaces or that do not bear signs of the rollers or visual mark, are instead very suitable for medium-large even high-strength materials where the thickness control loop of the normal straightening would lead to an exaggerated length:

The line Compact need a space from  4 to 5 meters depending on the type you choose, without accessories like introduction tables can occupy a space of about three meters with the boards it takes  4/5 meters (the line space traditional instead occupies from 8 to 11 meters)

The Compact Line consists of a motorized Decoiler at variable speed, with pneumatic presser arm and with charging cradle and other accessories for those who have the good sense to buy them.

After The Decoiler is directly STRAIGHTENER / FEEDER, preferably with the optional tape introduction Tables and Head Can be opened at each stroke of the press in case the dies with pilot.

The STRAIGHTENER / SSF-100-1600  are the combination of a straightening drive by Brusshless servo motor and CN for the  positioning system.
Configuration of the STRAIGHTENER / FEEDER
No. 4 vertical rollers guiding incoming, autocentring ma manual handwheel
Pinch Roll-in with 2 rollers Ø 100 mm. pressed by hydraulics cylinders
Group of 5 lower rollers Ø 100 mm hardened to 62 HRC and rectified
Group 4 adjustable upper rollers, Ø 100 mm hardened to 62 HRC and rectified
Pinch Roll-out with 2 rollers Ø 100 mm. pressed by hydraulics cylinders
All the lower rolls are synchronized by gears in an oil bath
The vertical displacement of the straightening assembly is obtained from 4 screw jackets with 2 manual adjustment,
Extra optional motorized, programmable, dynamic, the diameter of the coil is self progressively increasing the pressure to optain the necessary correction from the beginning to the end of the coil (coil memory is very different fom full coil to the end, a corraction must be done to obtain the same planarity)
measuring wheel with encoder directly to band
Brushless servo motor coupled with worm gearbox 1:20
max speed. 66 meters / minute, feeding accuracy of + - 0.2 mm
Nr. 99 Working programs with repeatable steps No. 9 times
tape width max. 200-300-400-600-800-1000-1300-1600 mm.
strip thickness from 1 to 6 mm with normal steel, up to 3 mm if stainless steel
mobile control panel for manual controls
The machine is equipped Instruction Manual, Safety Manual, CE Certificate

We must remember that this is a compromise dictated by the lack of space, for which performance such as speed, accuracy of positioning and perfect Face milling will never be comparable to those that can be obtained with a traditional coil line in 3 separate pieces, why is obvious:

a) To obtain a perfect planarity the band has to run at a constant speed, here instead it accelerates, it goes a little at maximum speed,  deceleration, then in order to have pilot release we open the head of the straightening machine, this operation does not help to produce a perfect planarity.

b) The simple Servo Roll Feeder is a very dynamic device, organized in the lightness, precision, fast, little inertia, the straightener is a machine with more more gear rollers, must also straighten, then larger gearbox and engine, if all goes well traveling to the middle the speed at which can travel a alimetatore two rollers.

c) We must also consider that with delicate band or with such materials Aluminium, Stainless Steel, and especially when you have to ensure quality without signs and without shading on the material, accelerates / decellera moving rapidly then joined at the junction of the rollers definitely will cause marks on superficem that sometimes are not tolerated.

Any way with aterial from 4 to 6 mm thickness the Compact line it is a good solution also because the speed and the feed precision are not any more the most important parameters.

lower inlet table with peeler
Upper deformation table  with motorized roll
Adjustable counter-1-2-3-4 lines according to the width
motorized and programmable adjustment of the upper rolls
openable head at every stroke to complete untying pilots
motorized height adjustment + 200 mm


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