Cut To length Coil Line in 4 size 3-6-9-12 mm thickness up to 2000 coil wide
Our Technician has experience in coil line since the year 1960, we also made it for other brand
we can meke CTL dor Normal Steel, Stainless Steel, Hig tension Steel and Aluninium.

as example here the Configuration for a CTL for band thickness 0,4/4 mm wide 1600 mm

  • Loading Chair up to 20 tons
  • Scope of the coil chair it is to bring the coil to the Decoiler
  • Base unit in electrowelded steel, movable on 4 motorised wheels 
  • Lifting operation it is made by hydraulic cylinder
  • Special device to support the small coil wide
  • The coil has to be loas from the crane direct to the coil car
  • Movable Decoiler 20 ton
  • Scope, undwinding coil loaded with the coil car
  • Jolt type decoiler inner diameter 508/610 mm max ccoil diameter 1800 mm
  • Base unit in electrowelded steel sliding in lnear rail with and bronze gibs with lateral adjustment
  • Main shaft very strong rotating on big rolls bearings
  • Mandrel type with inclinates plans which are worked expansion wedges of tilecactuated by hydraulic cylinder
  • A.C. Servomotor for rotation movement for introduction and braking during automatic mode
  • Hydraulic Snubber with motorised wheel to help in the introduction mode
  • Dinamic hydraulic alignement to keep the rigth band direction
  • Safety brake disk for emergency
  • Introduction Pinch-Roll with telescopic table 
  • Scope, Bring coil from the uncoiler to the leveler
  • Telescopic table width 1650 mm
  • Pinch-Roll by 2 motorised roll diameter 150 mm
  • Six Height Leveler
  • Scope, Flattem the cold laminated band reducing rolling defect as much as possible
  • Nr 17 working cylinders diameter 50 mm 
  • ​Nr. 19 counter cylinders diameter 42 mm
  • Nr. 7+7 series of support rolls diameter 120 mm
  • The 9 lower cylinders are fixed position
  • The 8 upper cylinders are placed in a titling bridge by motorised and programmable screw-jacket
  • The 7 bottom support line are mounted in inclinate slide controlled via hydraulic motors
  • Separate gear cage with helical special gear running on bearing, in oilbath
  • All the working cylinders are connected by cardan shaft libricated by oil rain
  • Centralized grease lubrication system fot working cylinders and support, manual mode
  • Centralized oil lubrication system for the gear cage and for the cardan shaft
  • A.C. servo ventilated motor commanded by frequency inverter.
  • Flying Shear
  • Scope, Cut the Flattend coil at the preset length
  • Made in stiff electrowelded steel able to keep the necessary rigidity to absorb the shearing effect
  • The shear it is mounted on a mobile chair sliding on hardened rail and helical rack and pinions
  • ​The shear wil cut by clutch and electic motor and movable forward-backward by Servomotor
  • Evacuation belt conveyour with stroke recover, moved by servomotor
  • The belt conveyour it is nade by oil resistant, abrasion resistant material
  • Blade clearance motor for the necessary distance between the blades, programmable
  • Line working speed 50 meter/minute
  • Sheet Accuracy + - 0,5 mm
  • Belt Conveyor 
  • Scope, tranfer the cutted sheet from fly shear to the stacker system
  • Belt conveyour length  4,5 meters
  • The stacker is bridge type single box with sheet supported on wheels
  • Sheels fall without bousings on a 6 meters pantograph table
  • On the stacker are assembled side and back aligners
  • Max packs length 4000 mm Min 250 mm
  • Max packs wid 1500 mm min 290 mm
  • Max packs heigth 500 mm
  • Longitudinal Catenary Transfer 5 tons
  • The roller table, at the side of the line, is motorized in order to approach at pantograph tables when they aren't aligned and it receives packs coming from the same.
  • Electric and atomation System
  • A.C e D.C. Servo motors
  • Separate Cabinel for the A.C and D.C. Servo power suppliers
  • Separate Cabinet for the PLC and automation systems
  • Pulpit and remote box for the manual push buttond and selectors
  • Hydraulic Equipment
  • Scope, supply the oil presure at Cylinders and Hydraulic motors
  •  400 liters tank with hydraulic pump 90 liter/minute at 120 bar pressure
  • Control and Safety valves
  • Heat and level indicators
  • Series of automation valved 24 VDC Athos
  • Heat exchanger system
  • Pneumatic Equipment
  • Max working pressure 6 bar
  • Serie of filter lubricating groups with pressure adjustmenr and manometers
  • The compressor machine it is not included
  • Instruction and operator manual
  • The CTL Coil Line are CE certified and the have 12 months garantie



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